Commission Peter

Peter Daley is the Composer to commission if you are:

  • looking for an original piece of music to fit your project, brief, lyrics or idea
  • looking for an original song to be written or arranged
  • in search of a composer to work to a short deadline because a project has come up or a relationship with another composer has not worked out – Recently Peter was called to arrange a suit of songs and turned around 3 months worth of work in just 3 weeks and exceeded their expectations
  • in a hurry and need music quickly
  • have a long deadline and want to book a composer in advance
  • wanting original music instead of library music
  • desperate for a fresh sound and some new, original music
  • planning to book a composer and a separate orchestrator, Peter can do both!


Peter is easy to work with, reliable and efficient.  Peter will work closely with you throughout the composition process.  On completion, you will receive your music in the desired format along with a breakdown session.


Breakdown sessions

Breakdown sessions are a great way to understand the creative process and the final composition.  This session can be one to one, with the players and/or groups of singers and teachers.  Changes can be made there and then.


This worked well for the songs Peter wrote for the Sing Up Project.  Peter went along and did a Breakdown Session for the choirs and the choir directors.  Peter broke down the music, gave an explanation of the background so everyone understood the context of the composition.



The final composition or song can be made available in various formats:

  • mp3, mp4 – for speed, easy sharing and updating
  • wav, aiff, etc – for high quality finished product for recording purposes 
  • Parts – to easily distribute to players
  • Full score – for the conductor to check
  • Logic Pro and Sibelius – for compatibility, these are industry standard


Song writing

Peter's most recent commission was from the London Arts Council.  Peter wrote a Reggae Song for Black Voices, a 5 piece a cappella group.  The song was entitled ‘Living Consciously’, which emphasized a positive mind set in your day to day life.


The song is featured on the new Black Voices’ album released in March 2011.


Peter has been commissioned by Black Voices and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO), where he orchestrated a hymn that was performed using a community choir, four piece band and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, at Symphony Hall.

Listen to some of Peter's music and watch a few videos on: Myspace


Music to video

Samsung Phone advertisement was a commission. Music and sound effects produced by Peter Daley.

Samsung Advert Clip



Music CD (Album)
Black Voices – Living Consciously
Writer & Vocal Arranger 2011

Appears courtesy of Another Key Records


Song 'Joy of the Lord'

Writer 2010

Sung by the Sing Up Project at the Birmingham Town Hall

Song 'I've got a dream'

Writer 2010 (Co-writer Camelle Daley)

Sung by the Sing Up Project

Music CD
Peter Daley – Apart From Life  
Composer/Producer 2006
Another Key Records


Song – 'So Sweet'

Performed by a community choir, live band and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Writer – 2005

Music CD
Black Voices
Writer/Arranger 2004


Song 'Heaven'

Written for Big Band and Choir – 2002


Song 'Dance for Him'

Written for Big Band and Choir – 2002

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