What are you doing?

by Peter Daley on January 16, 2014

IMG 0182 300x300 What are you doing?I look at the word 'do' and it means so many things: to perform an act, duty, role etc. Some other words are, make, perform, cause, accomplish, achieve, be responsible for, bring about, etc… We 'do' something everyday. Even when we have a day off or a lazy day, and we 'do' nothing, we're still doing something. There are some things that need doing, like everyday chores, routinely, some things that need to be done but we don't get around to do them when we'd like or suppose to and some things we do without thinking about it.

Imagine if you could compose or arrange a piece of music, produce or write a song without thinking about it whenever you'd like? Wow, that would be something… (funnily enough there probably are people/artists out there who can do that regularly). I sure believe in gifting & natural talent where people can just do amazing things without practicing, without the years of experience we like to talk about, without a teacher, without being mentored etc. But I'm at a place where 'to do' now requires strategic thought, planning & goal setting. For me, it isn't just going to happen, I have to 'will it' to happen, it's got to be on purpose. Wishing in context has its place but 'doing' is purpose driven. The car won't be cleaned if you don't decide to wash and vacuum it, or take it to a valet service. The rain can only do so much for the outside of your car but how about the crumbs, bits & unnecessary junk inside your car, if it gets that bad? Everything we do has a purpose or serves a purpose which is always connected to time. There are things in our life that are seasonal, they come and go regardless of our circumstance, whether it contributes a positive or negative outcome. But 'time' sees the realisation of your effort and can be rewarding. When you practice the right thing (or the wrong thing for that matter) for a while, a few moments, hours, days weeks, months, years you see the results of your labour.

When we make that conscious decision to 'do' we're on our way to being successful.

As a youngster I used to look at success as tied to fame & fortune, it probably is for some but if you 'will to do' something and do it, you're successful. Yes, there are degrees of success & we should try to better ourselves in our achievements and aim higher but the fact that we begin to 'do' is a start- 'doing' is also good but 'done' correctly is even better. So, i encourage you today to 'get doing' icon smile What are you doing? .


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Music arranging with local artists

by Peter Daley on January 4, 2012

Simple Complex Simple


Arranging music is a delight. Recently I’ve been working with lyricists in my local area putting music to their lyrics and/or their melodies. There are many approaches because each artist and arrangement is unique in itself. I’ve been working on solos, duets, acoustic, choir and jazz songs. Each song has it’s own signature to it…(sorry there are no original samples for you to hear as they are not released yet but will be in the near future J).


Music arranging is a subjective matter, so it will be pleasing to some hearers and possibly unpleasant to others. The thing is to capture and solidify the best moments whilst organising the parts. As I read the lyrics I try and envisage the essence/mood/feel of the song; that helps me come up with a melody or some kind of rhythm, or even a flow for the song. I generally would hum, la or even sing a tune using the lyrics. Another way I might work is play the piano to the lyrics and work out a melody that way or program a beat if that is what is required. If I’m given a melodic idea I listen to it over and over so that I can sing it while I form the harmonic or rhythmic arrangement. By then I can hear if the idea works; I may even alter the melody or lyric if need be just so that the song works for the vocalist as well as the instrument/s.


I do like to put my stamp on the arrangement I am working on but it is not necessary for me to do that if it is uncalled for. I do not want to change the given melody or lyrics if it does not need changing. The fact that I am arranging it will reflect a part of my musical vocabulary. I desire every musical arrangement to be the best it can be, so I tend to build the instrumentation and just use various sounds for colour or effect.


Testing and hearing the finished product is always an exciting moment as the first response or reaction is a good indication if I am on the right track. Sometimes it may take time to listen to the musical arrangement over a period of time (minutes, hours or days) before the artist/management/commissioner and I come to an agreement. I make sure I am flexible to work with, as my goal is to have a completed arrangement that the recipient is more than happy with, after all it is their vision I’m trying to produce.



by Peter Daley June 6, 2011
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Collaborations between artists, composers and music producers can bring out new ideas, flavours and new sounds. Most, I believe are accepted by the hearers and some are not because they just don’t sound right, the chemistry isn’t happening. A collaboration that did work was when Genevieve Sylva, an urban UK artist (I’ve worked with and [...]

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Joscelyn Alexander – Sanctus EP

by Peter Daley March 8, 2011
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Working with Joscelyn Alexander has been a nice experience. She is an artist who knows what she wants when it comes to things like song structure, lyrics, and musical arrangements. She has very good singing techniques that she applies when recording, making the whole process much easier, especially when you’re on a tight schedule. Her [...]

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Winners Announced

by Peter Daley February 21, 2011
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The 3 winners of 1 free 30min Online Keyboard Lesson are: John Tim Navin   Well done peeps, can't wait to work with you.   See ya, pd

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Win a FREE 30min Online Keyboard Lesson with Peter Daley

by Peter Daley February 13, 2011
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Do you play keyboards but can’t find a teacher? Do you struggle with musical theory? Has your playing become stagnant and you need a fresh challenge? Is your schedule too busy to fit in regular keyboard lessons?   Peter Daley might just be the keyboard teacher you’ve been looking for. He can teach you practical, musical [...]

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Nothing will work unless you do

by Peter Daley February 6, 2011

“Nothing will work unless you do”  Maya Angelou quote. This is to composers, writers, lyricists and music producers who are doing too much thinking, contemplating, dreaming, over planning, and yes, too much talking. I realised this when I completed a musical project around 6 to 9 months later than I should of. The joy of [...]

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Don’t get stuck

by Peter Daley February 6, 2011

One of the situations you don't want to find yourself in is 'stuck for ideas, stuck for inspiration, stuck to compose or arrange something fresh, just stuck'. What to do or when to do something can be tricky, musically speaking of course, when you're faced with these kind of dilemmas. I'm coming from a composers [...]

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Masterclass November 2010

by Peter Daley November 22, 2010

All the late nights, early mornings and research were well worth it when one attendee said, ‘’I was about to give up my second instrument, (the keyboards), but I thought I’d give it one more try by going to Peter Daley’s Masterclass. It was one of the best things I did this year because I [...]

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Music Producer for Peter Daley’s Apart from Life Album

by Peter Daley September 15, 2010

Q: What was it like creating the Apart from Life album? It was great but scary. I was putting my music out there for the world to hear. I was asking myself things like “is it good enough?” What will people think? The critiques, the criticism, the praise even, but I had a passion that was driving me; [...]

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